Elvis Elvis

Elvis is a handsome, approximately 2-year-old black male with striking white markings. His age is estimated, as he is not tattooed. Elvis is a stray that was taken to the Winters, TX Animal Shelter and was slated for euthanasia. GALT was contacted by a dog-loving lady who lives in Winters, and arrangements were made to transport Elvis to Dallas. Elvis, like so many strays, was positive to Ehrlichia and was treated by Dr. Jeff Ellis and Dr. Christy Soileau of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital. He was in treatment for 8 weeks. To insure the treatment was successful, Dr. Jeff Ellis submitted a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) panel to North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine lab to determine if the Ehrlichia is active, and the results are negative at this time.

Elvis is not cat tolerant, and he has not been tested with small animals at this time.

Elvis is QUITE the charmer here! He looks like he’s all wound up, just waiting for release – but he’s not a “wild and crazy dog”, he is just high-spirited. In the short time I’ve been fostering him, I have learned a bit about his personality, his likes and dislikes:


Elvis is quick to learn a routine. He knows that when he’s let out of the crate he’s to go straight outdoors, and he leads the parade of my dogs because they all follow him. He loves to run (he would love a big yard because he crosses mine in a few leaps). When he comes back inside he knows the routine is to go upstairs (so I can play on the PC) – he’s laid claim to a dog bed up there and just curls and snoozes.

Elvis dislikes a bath.  (Maybe he hasn’t had many in his previous life.) I had to wrestle him into the tub, then had to hold him down while I bathed him. I used a castile soap so it’s easier to rinse, but he still has some dandruff because he had been as good as he could be and just wanted OUT. He wasn’t that fond of “towel dry” either, maybe because we were still in the bathroom. But he now looks so shiny and smells so clean, that it was worth the effort.

Elvis is very interested in all the dogs, and never has any bad moments with them. Poor boy, he keeps approaching Theo (my deaf/almost blind ancient Weimaraner) and Theo growls at him each time, but Elvis never gives up. He knows he could be a good friend to Theo!

Elvis is very concerned about the welfare of “his” girls here – my spoiled rotten Alexa is very vocal, and will whine if there’s something she wants that I’m not giving her (usually my undivided attention). Elvis will come running over to make sure she’s okay, each time she whines. If one of the girls is crabby with another, he’ll check to see that it’s nothing serious. He’ll investigate each unknown noise (there are far too many web sites with dogs barking!) but will quickly settle down once he knows there is no new dog to befriend.

Elvis is a great dog (in both size and personality) and should be an awesome buddy for someone.

Elvis's Foster Mom
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