Elsie is a stunning black-and-white two-year-old female born in 2001. She was found as a stray and turned into the Oak Cliff Shelter. Her registration number is illegible, so we will never know her past. Elsie is very friendly and gets along well with other large and small dogs. She is small animal and cat tolerant.


Elsie is a gentle, quiet little lady who is adapting quickly to life in a home. She is a bit timid, so a house with small or noisy children would not be best for her. But with a little patience, Elsie will blossom into a wonderful companion. We don't know how long she ran loose before ending up in the shelter, but Elsie appears to be genuinely grateful for a soft dog bed and regular meals. After dinner each evening, Elsie stretches out on her bed, rolls over on her back and gives a deep sigh. Elsie has had no accidents in the house, does not try to get on furniture and is doing very well with crate training. She is a wonderful, undemanding, affectionate sweetheart who will bond very closely with her forever family.

Elsie's Foster Mom
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