Elliott Elliott

Elliott, aka About Enough, is a 2-year-old male, born March 15, 2005. He came to GALT from Valley Race Park in Harlingen and is Bonkers' brother. His dam is Winks Willow and his sire is Larking About from Ireland. His maternal grand sire is the famous Molotov. With supervision, Elliott will likely be cat trainable. Since he's a "newby" he'll need supervision in the house for a while anyway. We do not know Elliott's opinion of small dogs at this time.

Through an extensive testing process, Elliott has been selected for assistance dog training by Assistance Dogs of Texas, Inc.

Elliott is one handsome and graceful greyhound. He practically bounces with every step. He has been a very curious and happy boy since he has been in our home. He is not quite sure what to make of everything and he is not afraid to investigate. He follows us from room to room trying to make sure we are always in sight.

He does crave attention but does is not pushy for it. He has never tried to get up on any of the furniture. He just puts his head on your lap for a head scratch and then goes and lays down. It seems he is just as content sleeping on one of the beds around the house. He gets along very well with our other three large dogs.

He hasn't been too playful in the house just yet. He seems to save all his energy for outside play times! Elliott walks wonderfully on a leash. When it is time to go for a walk he gets excited and waits by the door for us to attach his leash.

We have a baby gate for the kitchen so there hasn't been any counter surfing just yet, but we will test him in the next week or two to make sure he knows there is no surfing allowed! He does tend to rush at the door when it is opened so we are careful when going in and out of the house.

Elliott has a great appetite and will consume anything left in an unoccupied food bowl, but we are working on his food manners. He is a little thin, but I'm sure that is because he is young.

Elliott is crate trained and has NEVER had an accident in his kennel and there have been no accidents in the house. We crate him during the day and he sleeps in our room at night. He lays on his bed quietly on the floor when it is bedtime and doesn't move until it is time to get up the next morning. Elliott is a VERY sweet and loving boy and is ready for his forever home.

Elliott's Foster Mom
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