Ellen is an estimated 4 year old fawn female. Ellen came to GALT via Cindy's Hope for Precious Paws after being removed from a hoarding situation. Ellen is currently undergoing treatment for the tick-borne disease, Ehrlichia in a quiet foster home. She will eventually be evaluated with cats and small animals.

Ellen, Miss Ellie, Ellie Belly is a beautiful and somewhat shy little girl. Her big brown doe eyes will melt your heart and make you want to make it all better. Ellen is quite observant and takes time to process each situation. It will easily take her 10 days to feel comfortable in a new environment; patience, time and love is what she craves.

Ellen adores collecting toys and putting them in her bed. If your shoes are unattended, the cute little stealth thief will take them too. No harm comes to the toys or shoes; we think she's just fascinated with the fact she can get the treasure! She is also reminding us not to leave food on the counter and a quick NO will stop her in an instant. Her curiosity level is high and she will test her boundaries (getting on the bed - NO). She is also very mindful.

The first few nights Ellen was here she thought the party started when the lights went out! She was playing and chatting up a storm at midnight until she got clued into the fact that we would all still be here in the morning. Now she's figured out that nighttime is sleep time!

Her expressions are priceless! Ellie's big eyes and adorable eyebrows are delightful to watch. She takes her cues from other dogs in the house and seeks their reaction to various situations. While she crates well, we found it helped her to be around the other dogs more. Now when we come home, Ellen is as excited as any doggy else to see us though she may not always be sure about why she should be excited.

Ellen will do best in a home with other dogs and a relatively small yard. In her first foster home, she had a large yard with lots of hiding places. Ellie was so skittish that it was occasionally difficult to entice her to come inside even though she had other dogs to guide her. Ellen would gladly curl up with another dog if they let her. She will carefully get on the couch, lay down next to one of us and just be present. When it's treat time, Ellen will ever so gently take one from your hand; cheese is her favorite.

Around 9 PM she gets a burst of energy and will run around the house getting the other dogs excited to play. Ellen plays big-mouth-bitey-face with some of her housemates and her personality is really starting to show. She is delightful and funny and will make a wonderful addition to an established pack.

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