Eaton, aka Atascocita Eaton, is a 3 1/2 year old red male. His sire is Flying Westover and his dam is Atascocita Golda. Eaton has a remarkable 93 races to his credit on Greyhound Data - most at Palm Beach and his career ended with a central tarsal bone fracture at Gulf Greyhound Park. Eaton is now fully recovered but has not yet been evaluated with cats or small animals.

Eaton, or ET for short, is a super sweet boy with a greyt disposition. When he was recovering from surgery to repair his broken leg, he never said boo and went about his business like every other dog in the house. Eaton was crated while recuperating; he would whine and somehow manage to fold his crate pad trying to get out. Once he was free of his cast, we let him roam while we were gone and that seemed to help his stress level. Eaton does not like it when one of his people leave, even if the other one is home! He cries a bit and then waits until someone returns. Also Storms are nerve wracking for Eaton - it's difficult to console him during a severe thunderstorm. We keep trying different remedies to help and haven't found the right combination yet.

This guy is a hoot though – he lives to roach on a dog bed with his tongue hanging out like he’s been drinking all night! And that tongue sometimes takes a while to get back in his mouth – we’ve found him walking around with an ETS for several minutes after he wakes up. Speaking of waking up, Eaton is an early riser. To make sure you know he’s awake, he has a yawn that sounds like he’s crying - it takes a while to get used to that. Then, if there’s still no reaction, Eaton will go get a toy to serenade you into getting up!

Eaton loves to be eatin’! He’s quite the gobbler so we feed him in the crate while the other dogs slowly finish their meals. ET will wait patiently until we release him so he can make sure nodoggy left a morsel of kibble behind. When it’s treat time he lines up and gently takes his treat, and another if the others are too slow. His metabolism must be quite high – he’s not terribly active yet he’s still pretty skinny.

Got toys? ET really enjoys emptying the toy box and taking one to the backyard for safekeeping. He’s relatively gentle with them and definitely prefers those that make noise to just a chew toy. If Eaton takes something that’s not his, he puts it down when asked – no fuss, no growl.

He’s a curious fella and we were able to break him of counter-surfing very easily with the use of plastic cups. Eaton doesn’t get on the furniture though he will put his paws on the couch to get closer when he really wants something. As long as there’s a dog bed nearby, that’s where you’ll find him.

Eaton is an easy boy – he walks well on leash, jumps in and out of the car (he does tend to stand most of the ride), adores people, has terrific house manners, is affectionate without giving sloppy kisses and an all-round happy guy. He gets along with other dogs as long as they aren’t too close to his face; when that happens we just muzzle him and peace is restored.

The ideal home for ET has plenty of toys, comfortable dog beds, people to love and maybe a buddy to keep him company. Regardless if there are other dogs in the home, he will bark/cry and carry on for a while when someone leaves, so apartment life is not for him. He truly is a delightful companion with lots of love to share.

Eaton's Foster Parents