Dylan Dylan

Dylan, aka LRC After Hours, is a very handsome 3-year-old male born April 13, 2005. His sire is the Irish-bred Late Late Show and his dam is Mollie Sullivan. Dylan is siblings with Fiona and Gracie. Dylan showed all signs of having a most successful racing career, starting at Southland in West Memphis, Arkansas on January 24, 2007, moving to Wheeling Downs on March 3 to June 8, 2007. Dylan had all the indications that his racing career would be stellar, however because of a strained hock, he returned to his owner for rehabilitation. It was decided in Dylan's best interest to head him into retirement, so here he is, looking for his forever family.

Dylan's cat test: Dylan was a little curious about the cat until Molly gave him the 'What for!!' with a few good swats to his muzzle and some scary hissing. After that Dylan was afraid of the cats. I got mild-mannered Pepper out and put her down in front of him and he had to be convinced that she would not hurt him. After that he followed her down the hall sniffing her, then he turned and went to look at other things. Dylan is cat trainable but as always when introducing new cats to him use caution and a muzzle. We will introduce him to small dogs at a later time.


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