Duke, aka Deco Duke Grey, is 3 year old black male. His sire is Trent Lee and his dam is Flying Bluefield. Greyhound Data lists 68 races for Duke at Derby Lane with a career finish at Gulf Greyhound Park in January 2019. Now the search for the comfy sofa begins. He is best suited for life in a home, not an apartment. Duke has a dry eye syndrome that requires daily application of eyedrops three times a day. He has not yet been evaluated with cats and small animals.

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Duke is the most docile and easygoing dog we've EVER fostered! He is beyond loveable!!! Duke began his racing career in St Petersburg, Florida, and when he heard how friendly Texans were, he left the land of palm trees and moved to far south Texas where he ended his racing days at the track near Galveston.

Duke is calm and cordial with everyone we encounter and he would be comfortable in an apartment, provided he has regularly scheduled walks/exercising time. At our home, he has unrestricted access to the backyard via a doggy door. He spends a fair amount of time in the yard… it's part of his daily routine. Like many greyhounds, Duke has not shown any desire to jump our backyard fence. Duke has chronic dry eye and patiently waits for his prescription eye drops multiple times a day.

We do not have any stairs in our home, though Duke seems fine with the occasional stairs we encounter on walks. Duke is careful on the hard surfaces in our home. He's much more comfortable on carpeting so the ideal situation for him would be a home with plenty of sure-footed carpet, or a carpet river.

The ideal situation for Duke would be a mostly carpeted home, loving humans to give him hugs and walks, and a faithful person to administer his itch relieving eye drops. If you are considering a new addition to your family, check out handsome Duke. He will surely reign over your home and your heart!

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