Duke is an approximately 7-year-old red and white male. He was surrendered to GALT after the death of his owner. He is a lovely boy who is a little scared of small children.

Take the canine literary mix of Oliver ("please, can I have some more?") ; Tonto (trusty sidekick); and Linus (loyal friend); toss in sweetness to spare, a gentle nature and a proclivity for wanting to please, and you have Duke.

This sweet fellow with markings like a foxhound is in the 7-ish age bracket and made his way to GALT after his owner passed away. He was obviously very well loved, because he has much of the stuff to spare. He's eager to please, happy to follow foster sis Angie outside and inside and back again.

He loves to go for walks and is always delighted to see an animal of the small rodent variety. When he pulls, though, a gentle tug on the leash from the human element and a stern "Heel," pop him back into manners mode. He does not have the same reaction to cats, not at all. He tends to avoid them, for which the two in his foster house are eternally grateful (to say nothing of said owners of aforementioned felines).

One of Duke's life enjoyments is eating, and he is adept at picking out treats -- hard-boiled egg bits; slices of sandwich meat -- out of his kibble and dashing to the kitchen before she who has fed him has even reached the sink. Perhaps, he thinks, there is more where the good stuff came from. There is not so he ventures back to his bowl and, within minutes or hours, he finishes what he started.

He's a smart fella, by the way, having promptly mastered the dog door in the residence where he was attending Vacation Foster Camp. Duke is a love, most truly. Rumor has it he's afraid of small children but well, there are none in his foster home. And anyway, who isn't, to some degree?

He would do well in a home where he could have a pal, although he might make a good only, too, as long as he's not left alone for hours on end. He truly likes company. Is Duke the boy for you? Lucky you.

Duke's Foster Family

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