Duchess, aka SK Adidas, is a cute red-brindle 2½-year-old female, born June 16, 2002. Her sire is Aimin By Design, making her grand sire Molotov, and her dam is CJ Wild Wag, making her grand sire Wigwam Wag. Duchess does not show any races to her credit on She is a very friendly girl. Duchess is cat tolerant.

Ah, life as a blue blood - can it get any better? Just ask the Duchess, who will tell you that everyone should be so lucky. How remarkable to be able to retire at the age of 2, but then again, why would a Duchess want to work when life was made for pampering? The Duchess has humans all figured out, and knows that they can't help but fall for her sweet disposition and her beautiful eyes. And just like her human counterpart, Fergie the former Duchess of York, this Duchess of Greyhounds (henceforth known as The DoG) has spunk and spirit that defy her royal name. Always smiling, always happy, the Duchess enjoys her life and everyone who is a part of it.

Fergie is a redhead and so is The DoG...well, sort of. The Duchess arrived quite fuzzy and a tad blonde (perhaps she indulged in a binge hair color during a wild night on the town), so it might take her a little time to shed the rest of that look as she returns to a natural, blazing red brindle color. And what a transformation is underway! Petite, athletic and beautiful, the Duchess has a face and a smile that will win the hearts of all who are welcomed into her kingdom.

Any Duchess, notably The DoG, needs a wardrobe for royal occasions and because she is a blue blood, she dons various hats as she sees fit. How does a Greyhound change hats? Well, with her ears, of course. The DoG was blessed with quite a versatile pair, and her ears manage to move independently, adjusting to her mood or the moment. A squirrel running through the back yard? Watch those ears stand up. A barking dog from somewhere in the neighborhood? Watch those ears point right. A treat for going in her crate? Watch those ears point left. And just wait until you see them point in opposite directions! Yes, Duchess, The DoG, has a hat for every event. Most ladies never leave home without a handbag, but why would a Duchess need one? The DoG prefers to carry a toy, and can usually be found traveling through the house with a toy in hand... er, in mouth. The Duchess' handbags are selected daily from a wide variety of toys, and she likes to entertain herself by carrying them from one room to the next. The hallway leading to the bedrooms serves quite well as her runway, allowing the Duchess to model the latest in fashion for her human entourage. And shoes? Carrie Bradshaw might tell you that every girl longs for a new pair of Manolos, but the Duchess's dainty white paws work quite well with her lovely brindle coat, and in any case, a pair of Nikes might be more appropriate for this athlete. Somewhere along the way (perhaps that same wild night when she colored her hair), the Duchess broke a toe and can no longer fit into glass slippers. But it doesn't hold her back a bit; she just crosses that toe in front of the others, and gracefully joins in on any chase the other dogs start up.

Did someone mention other dogs? Yes, The DoG gets along famously with the other greyhounds here. And that in itself says a lot, because it is no ordinary dog that wins the approval of the resident Queen Mother. Duchess's house manners are royally wonderful. She crates well, but won't need a crate for very long. Slippers (mine, not hers) don't get chewed and there have been no accidents in the house. Not one to be ignored, the Duchess will speak up when she hears a strange noise, but otherwise she is a very quiet girl. When all is said and done, the Duchess likes to search out a soft doggy bed for a long-awaited nap, rolling over on her back to cash in on the tummy rubs she has earned for being so sweet. Quite the lady, this Duchess was aptly named for her beauty, but her heart and soul belong to the common folk. Duchess is probably the easiest foster I have ever had.

Duchess's Foster Mom