Donny, is a 15 month old brindle male born in March, 2020. His sire is SH Avatar and his dam is AJN Omar N Red. Donny was not registered but instead, came straight to retirement. Donny is not cat tolerant.

Donny is a very sweet and energetic young boy. He loves going for daily walks and walks very well on a lead. He also loves playing in the backyard with his stuffed duck or a ball. He is very respectful of our senior greyhound who can be less than understanding when it comes to a 15 month old wanting to play.

We are still working on his house manners and he is good most of the time. He has had a couple of accidents in the home. He crates beautifully - Donny is crated overnight and when we leave the house. He can be a bit of a land shark when left to his own devices. I strongly recommend several chew toys available for him at any time. He is very responsive to gentle corrections.

It's possible Donny could be an only if his person is around a lot. He would not do well as an only crated all day. He is a dream during storms, he sleeps right through them. As for being vocal, that is very iffy. He is not a vocal dog at all until he is. It’s not common but not rare either. He will just randomly decide he needs to tell you something while laying flat on his bed. 🤣

Donny has a high prey drive and should not live with cats. He is very affectionate and loves to lean on you while you love on him. Can he lean on you for a forever home?

Donny's Foster Parents