Donnie, fka Donnie's Day Out, is a 2 year old brindle male born on November 13, 2018. His sire is My John Q and his dam is NB’s Nice N Easy. He ran no race before retiring. Donnie will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Donnie is an adorable, smallish boy who is curious about everything. He gets excited to go for a car ride, a walk, or a run in the backyard. Going downstairs to put something away? That sounds like fun and he will race you to the bottom of the stairs. He has an infectious energy that will make you smile and laugh.

Donnie is young and playful; toys with squeakers or crinkly sounds are his favorites. He will sort through the toy basket to find just the right toy for his mood at that moment. He also loves a good nap and looks for a sunspot in the house where he can crash out for a bit.

This boy is one of the more affectionate greyhounds we have fostered. He likes to be near you most of the time, touching you if possible. He will get up in your face and lick your ears while you are petting him. He especially likes to snuggle and would prefer a home where he would be invited up on the furniture with you. He sleeps in a dog bed on the floor in our room at night, though he would probably love it if he were invited up on the “people” bed.

The best times of Donnie’s day might be breakfast, dinner, and treat time. He supervises as his food bowl is filled, just in case a stray kibble is dropped. He gets so excited that he chatters his teeth with anticipation. It’s so darn cute! He knows that the last trip outside at night is for taking care of business so that we can retire to the bedroom for a bedtime biscuit before we sleep. He’s been very good in the house and sleeps through the night without needing a potty break.

Donnie has a charming personality, and he will make a greyt family member. His ideal forever home should have another large dog, plenty of toys and access to a yard. He wants to love and be loved and be your best little buddy.

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