Domi is an 8 year old white & red male born in 2010. He was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX that closed in November 2017. Domi is not considered to be cat tolerant. Please check back periodically for updates on Domi as his journey to his forever home unfolds.

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Domi has decided what his job in his forever family will be – CUDDLE-BUM. This is one pup who just wants to be by you and cuddle. As I move around the house, he follows and lays on the floor. BUT when he was new to our house, I’d sit on the ‘cuddling sofa’ and he’d to climb up, lay down beside me, put his head on my lab, and melt. Then he just cuddled there until I moved or my husband, (his best playmate) came home. As he got healthier, we did break him from coming up on the sofa, so his forever family can decide if they want him to have that privilege. Now I go outside to sit and drink my morning coffee and he comes and stands in front of me. So I put the grooming tools out there and groom him. I think he thinks it is just another form of petting. His coat shines and is very, very soft. He feels like a warm plush toy.

Since Domi has gotten to his right weight and his foot has healed (we call it his chicken foot), he has become a cheerful, happy fellow. If he’s lying on one side, you get a white dog with a light brown mask, but if he rolls over, you have a white dog with two big brownish cow-spots. Cool.

Because he is so tall, he could become a counter surfer if he was exposed to it. We push all food way back and are working on keeping him out of the kitchen we were are cooking. He also will stick his long nose into any bowl of food we have in our hands. He doesn’t lick or try to eat it so far. He just is smelling whatever it is. I think he is a bit amazed that frequently new smells come out the kitchen and he wants to investigate.

As you can see from the videos, he discovered toys and now he loves to play with his squeakies. He walks well on a leash and will do his business when on a leash. At meet & greets, he is not shy and doesn’t have a problem with other dogs down to the size of a corgi. We do not know about smaller dogs. No cats – he is far too interested in the ones he’s met. He does live with a parakeet and ignores her.

Domi is a quiet dog and no crates for him. At bedtime, he goes to sleep easily on a big pad in our bedroom and our 13 year old beagle on the rug on the other side of the bed makes more noise than he does. Most mornings he doesn’t get up until we do. He and Beagle roam the house when we are gone with no problems. He has learned that first thing in the morning or when we come home means going out. He eats well and has no food aggression. He is cautious with new food or treats, but once he decides it is good (Milkbones! Fish oil capsules! Popcorn! Dentisticks!), he is eager to get them. Because of that and the fact that he has a good “stay”, I think he is very trainable.

Domi is big, sweet, strikingly beautiful, and a cuddle-bum. If you want someone to love, he would be very, very willing to love you back.

Domi's Foster Family

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