Dolly, aka Dar's Satin Doll, is a beautiful, 9½-year-old fawn female born July 16, 2002. Her sire is Fortress Blue, making her grand sire the late, famous, Irish-bred Fortress, and her dam is Ion Double Talk. Dolly spent all her time in Florida racing, starting September 10, 2004, at Naples-Ft. Myers and ending October 1, 2005. GALT was contacted by a close friend of Dolly's owner and asked to take her into our program. Dolly was in a home for four years, but has returned to GALT due to family relocation.

Dolly's cat test: Dolly was way too interested in the cat, and the cat was NOT pleased to meet her. A muzzle was a good thing. Therefore, Dolly should not be considered cat tolerant. We will introduce her to small dogs at a later time.

Dolly walked into my home as if she had lived there for years. There was no growling at the other dogs; no tucked tail; no anxiety. Just a calm entrance, as if to say, I'm here!

Dolly is most definitely a Velcro dog, and likes everybody that she's met. She'll come up for petting but not in an pushy way. Her coat is thick like a chinchilla's coat, but it's not fur that she's blowing, it's just velvety soft!

Dolly is EXTREMELY food motivated - it didn't take her long to realize that when I'm in the food room (kitchen) good things often come her way. She will nose her way into the crowd at the baby gate to accept her treats. She's a little pushy, trying to take other dogs' treats, but she responds well to a soft "no, wait your turn".

I didn't know that Dolly liked bones until I realized that she had collected all the bones in the living room and was lying on them all! She looked like she was trying to hatch some huge bone creature.

When Dolly is done eating in her crate, she will sometimes bark at other dogs if we all come into the sunroom to release the hounds. It's funny, she doesn't bark at the Borzoi gal who's loose in the room, only at the interlopers - I wonder if she thinks they're coming to eat all the food and there will be none left for her. It's not an aggressive bark either - more like an announcement? Hard to describe, but she quiets when I show up.

Dolly's Foster Mom