Dodge, aka Bob's Capital, is a 5-year-old handsome dark-brindle male, born November 18, 1999. His sire is Rapido Elijah and his dam is Bob's Vander. Dodge came to GALT from the Oak Cliff Shelter where he was turned in as a stray. Dodge's racing record, according to, shows him racing at Gulf Greyhound Park from June 16, 2001 to July 21, 2001. His whereabouts since then are unknown.

Dodge is not small animal or cat tolerant.

Dodge man is very inquisitive, easily excited by his furry friends (real and stuffed), he has a heartwarming personality and just loves being part of the gang. He spends his day in an extra large crate with a couple of his stuffed furry friends keeping him company. He willingly goes in his crate and immediately lies down to await his "cookie" and has not had one accident in over two months. When I get home from work, his first goal after finishing his business outside is to rescue his furry friends from the crate. He is a "collector of any and all furry things" (including fuzzy slippers), which he is happy to chase whether you throw them or he tosses them for himself.

Dodge is eating well and all of his bee stings are healed and the hair is growing back. He enjoys his daily "zoom groom" and although bath time isn't his favorite time, he gets really fired up and full of himself when the bath is finished.

Dodge would do very well with some larger furry companions, but is not at all smaller animal (dog or cat) tolerant. He continues to be very curious even with the mid-size dogs (20-30 pound range) in my neighborhood.

We are learning to "down" and he has a strong desire to please you whenever he can. It is such a joy to see him coming into his own personality, which is a little goofy, but adorable.

Dodge's Foster Mom

This stuff called air-conditioning is the best thing around. Since I like to collect all the furry babies all over the house, my mom says "I'm so silly." No one else seems to mind me playing with the toys, so I have at it and man is that fun, especially when they fly through the air all by themselves! I love to flip over on my back for a good scratch and a little snooze time every night, so my foster mom comes over and scratches my chest and belly and tells me what a silly boy I am! Hey, another "cool" thing she gives me are these cold things called "frosty paws" - man are they good!

Having a couple of buddies who look like me is really fun and we run, jump and play together in mom's really big backyard. The best part is running up and down the fence trying to figure out how to get to that little white furry yippie dog next door. I've tried jumping high enough to see over the wood fence, but that doesn't seem to get me any closer to him - so I bark at him through the fence to make sure he knows I haven't forgot that he is there!

I have my own really big bed just like Sophie and Hershey right next to where my mom sleeps - how cool is that? There are lots of stuffy toys (all of which I have torn the "cute little squeaky" thing out of for now), we get "treats and cookies" every day, love that stuff called yogurt on my kibble too. My foster mom says that "I'm the friendliest little guy who loves everyone I met (except little furry yippie dogs or cats)" and that some very lucky family will have me to warm their hearts and give them joy someday.

Comments from Dodge
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