Dion is a one and a half year old, red fawn, male greyhound born on February 9, 2018. Although he is not individually registered, we know Dion’s sire is Flying Coal City and his dam is HL Celine Dee On. Dion decided early on to pass the racing circuit and directly look for his forever home. Dion is cat tolerant at this time

Dion is a sweet, shy and high energy puppy who love’s squeaky toys and running in the back yard. He enjoys running with the other two greyhounds, and has no reaction to the cat. He was very aloof at first, and has slowly warmed up to his human “housemates”. Dion is very curious and has a tendency to chew, which is typical for puppies, so we find something appropriate for him to sink his teeth into. Dion will make a great companion when given the time to get to know his adopted family!

Dion's Foster Parents

3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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