Dinger, aka JG Humdinger, is a 2½-year-old, red fawn male, born July 4, 2005. His sire is P's Raising Cain and his dam is JG Escapade. Dinger had a very short racing career, officially all at Bluffs Run, Iowa, from May 13, 2007 to June 13, 2007. His racing career was halted while schooling at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, TX in December 2007, when he suffered a broken right ankle. It was put in a cast and is now mended; although Dinger is on "leash walk" patrol until March 20.

Dinger's cat test: Dinger had his introduction to a cat with attitude, and passed with reservations. He seemed to be interested (wow – something new!!) but was definitely deterred when bopped in the face by the cat. Dinger is cat trainable with the caveat that he should be supervised and corrected as necessary. We hope he will have a positive reaction to small dogs.

Dinger has been my foster for about three months.  He was timid and a little on the shy side when he arrived at my house, but he has settled in nicely. He still gets a little nervous when it's time to go in the truck, but he travels well and likes to be included when the rest of the gang gets to go bye-bye.

Like some of the other Greyhounds, Dinger isn't fond of meet and greets, but he is a completely different guy when he's at home, and shows his outgoing personality. Although a little reserved when meeting new people, he enjoys the attention when he gets to know you and, eventually, you'll be tripping over him when you try to leave the room.

He has beautiful eyes that just say "I love you and trust you" when you look into those golden beauties outlined in black. He has a very sweet personality and loves to play with his buddy, Lady, my other foster pup. They play their version of "tag" every night and seem to use the bench and bird feeder as home base. It is very entertaining to watch and certainly makes you laugh watching the bigger dogs act like puppies. When this game ends, another begins to see who can find the rabbit or catch the squirrel.

Dinger loves to chew on rawhides, and he enjoys his treats so much that he's learned to "sit" and "down" for a cookie. He walks well on a leash and he's looking forward to meeting you if you want to make the drive to Forney. This would give you a much better idea of his demeanor since the meet and greets make him nervous (but he has to come to meet and greets anyway).

Dinger's Foster Mom
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