Destiny is a 2-year-old fawn female born in July 2011. Her right ear reads 71E and her left ear is double tattooed, so we do not know anything more about her lineage. Karma and Destiny were found together as strays in Grandview, TX where they were finally caught after being seen hanging around together. Destiny has successfully finished her treatment for the tick-borne disease Ehrlichia, and is ready to find her forever home!

Destiny has passed an initial cat test and living with cats in a foster home.

Destiny has been warming up to humans during her time in foster care. She's still a little shy upon approach or recall, but is comfortable enough to roach on her back when sleeping. She's starting to like her belly rubs, and also does well on leash. One of her favorite pastimes is laying in the sun. She's also quite the hunter of squirrels in the back yard.

Destiny has been living with cats in her foster home. She mostly ignores them, but being a two-year-old, she also likes to chase them and play bow at them on occasion. The cats have their safe haven under chairs and get out of her way when she's feeling playful. Whether a kitty or a chihuahua, Destiny prefers to avoid growly, hissy creatures. Toys don't have teeth, nor do they make scary noises.

Destiny's Foster Mom

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