Denny is an estimated 2.5 year old fawn male. Denny, along with Jill, was dumped on rural property in Wharton, TX. They were tracked for about a week and were finally trapped by caring rescue individuals from the Houston area. Denny and Jill appear to be bonded, and it is thought they are mother and son. Both are very anemic and unfortunately heartworm positive. Treatment will begin as soon as a foster home is found for. It is not known at this time if Denny is small animal or cat tolerant.

Update 5/26/2021: Denny has recovered and is looking for his forever home!

Sweet Denny is very skittish—so much so that it’s difficult to get good candid photos of him. He’s also one of the sweetest, goofiest boys around! It took him quite a while to come around with us and once he did he became very loving. In the backyard with just us, he’s very confident and loves to investigate all the smells. Inside the house with the other dogs he can be pretty timid.

He hates loud noises and voices, though strangely enough he’s not thunderphobic. He sleeps quietly in a crate in our bedroom all night and is not comfortable loose in the house at all. We keep trying and we aren’t forcing anything—we’re confident he’ll eventually come out of his shell and will be part of the clan. Until then, he gets lots of loving, which he eats up! We do think he’d be a great candidate for an only dog.

Denny's Foster Family