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Dennis, aka Billy the Greek, is a 1 1/2 year old fawn male born March 25, 2016. His sire is Lonesome Cry and his dam is JB's Luckyone. Dennis did not show racer promise, so he bypassed the professional race track to find his forever couch early in his life. It is not known at this time if Dennis is small animal or cat tolerant.

Like the fictional Dennis the Menace, our Dennis is an energetic pup who enjoys good clean fun! Dennis the dog has the sweetest disposition even when he gets into a few things he shouldn’t. A simple “no” sets him on the right path. Dennis can get away with almost anything by flashing those adorable eyes. Warning! Dennis has a high PLAY drive and is particularly drawn to squeaky toys. He will play happily by himself if no doggy else wants to join. Dennis thoroughly enjoys playing with one of his active housemates and they will run and play until they both crash from exhaustion. This boy can sleep anywhere and is THE BEST roacher (usually punctuated by a dramatic bed fail)! Dennis knows how to use the dog door, sleeps through the night and is generally submissive to other dogs. Once you meet him it’s quite obvious why he never got into racing – he’s a loyal follower and distracted by the fun things around him. This sweetie falls in love hard and fast so expect a loyal chaperone to accompany you anywhere you want to go: bathroom, walks, car rides. Dennis is a joyful boy looking for an active family and another canine companion to love.

Dennis' Foster Mom

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