Deion Deion

Deion, aka Neon Deion, is a handsome 4-year-old brindle male born May 13, 2003. His sire is JB Junior B, making his grand sire P's Raising Cain, and his dam is Mohican Ecuador. shows Deion to have 95 races to his credit, starting January 15, 2005, at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, moving on to Corpus Christi and finishing March 15, 200, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. Deion was part of the 43 greyhounds received on Easter Sunday when Valley Race Park closed for the season. Deion is ready to settle down and find his forever family.

The following are notes from Deion's cat test: We put the cats in front of Deion and he sniffed, turned, and walked away. A little while later we walked him by a cat lying on a dog bed and he stopped, looked at her, turned, and walked away. He has very little interest in them and seems to really prefer not to be by the cats at all. So I think this very cute, very sweet, loving boy is cat tolerant. He seems a little unsure of new things, but adjusts pretty quickly after being reassured.

Deion is as close to being the perfect greyhound as I could imagine. He came into my home and immediately made himself "at home," becoming pals with his two foster brothers almost at once. He is very respectful of the feline residents and seems to enjoy watching them from a distance.

Deion is a very sweet, loving, and happy boy, taking most things in stride. He walks well on leash which is a good thing because he's a big boy. He likes to be close to me, following me from room to room. Even in the back yard, he seems to prefer to stay close by my side rather than exploring or playing with the others.


He had only one accident in the house (the second day after his arrival), which was totally my fault as I didn't recognize his signal that he needed to go out. He has never attempted to mark anything and so has never needed a belly band.

Deion has never asked to get on the furniture and he sleeps through the night on a dog pillow next to my bed. He is an early riser, however, waking me at around 6:30 every morning, wanting to go outside. I haven't been late for work since he came to stay with me, so he serves as an excellent alarm clock!

Deion loves his food and treats but has never tried to eat from the other dogs' bowls unless they are completely finished and have walked away, in which case he will check for leftovers (which doesn't happen very often). On rare occasions, he will sneak a bite from the cats' dishes but all it takes is a firm "no" and he leaves them immediately. He likes to watch me prepare the food bowls and will attempt to do a little counter surfing if I leave a tasty tidbit unattended. Again, it only takes a firm "no" to dissuade him and we are working on educating him to proper kitchen etiquette.

Deion loves to go for car rides and will lay down in the back of my SUV until we come to a stop, and then he will get up and look out the window as if to ask, "Are we there yet?"

He willingly goes into his crate and stays in it during the day while I'm at work. When I get home every evening, he lets me know without a doubt that he is glad that I'm home and cries until I let him out. He does a little happy dance waiting to go outside to potty. As soon as feeding time is over, he settles down on whichever dog bed is vacant and takes a nice long nap...and this boy is the king of cockroaching!

Deion hasn't become interested in the stuffies yet but watches curiously when his foster brothers are playing with them. He prefers to chew on a pighide bone or retriever I mentioned before, he LOVES his treats.

I think he would be a wonderful addition to almost any home situation. At meet-and-greets, he loves to get attention and he is extremely gentle with children. He'll let you pet him to your heart's content and sometimes he puts his head in my hand and gazes into my eyes with the most contented and loving expression. It just makes me melt.

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