Deere, racing name, Slatex Johndeere, is a 2 year old white and dark brindle male born February 27, 2015. He is a sibling to GALT’s Cat. His sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is Slatex Magnesium. He comes to GALT from Valley Race Park in Harlingen where records show 6 races for him. It is not known at this time if Deere will be small animal or cat tolerant.

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Deere has 2 very different personalities – one when he’s out in public and another at home. When Deere is away from familiar surroundings (like meet and greets), he’s nervous about everything - new people, the sound of children, new things, stuff being moved, cars - parked and moving, etc. We have brick and stone mailboxes in our neighborhood. Someone tore theirs down and rebuilt it about 20 feet from where it was before. He did not like that in the least and it took him a couple weeks to be OK with it. The other personality is fun, silly, life-loving puppy. He absolutely loves walks – he thinks they are the best thing ever. When he is really excited, he does these little bunny hops. He also loves to run around like a goofball in the backyard. One of our greyhounds fetches a tennis ball. Deere has learned how to cheat at fetch. He starts running before the ball is thrown and runs to where he thinks it will land. He gets the ball first about half the time. Once he gets it, he isn’t sure what to do with it yet, so he just lays down with it. At that point, he drops the ball and our other dog picks it up and runs back with it. He then gets up and runs back too. He loves it. He also really likes toys, as long as you aren’t paying attention to him. He isn’t sure he is allowed to play with them, so he does it when no one is watching. His favorite toys are really soft fuzzy ones without squeakers. We keep our house pretty cold at night, so the dogs all have soft baby blankets. We will randomly find one of the blankets has been dragged by him to his bed in the living room. He has excellent house manners and he is really a wonderful, happy dog once he settles in and gets over his nervousness. He does well with daily teeth brushing, and with baths. He is spotted underneath his white fur and he has a spot on his nose that I call his kissing spot. Please don’t let his shy persona deter you, Deere will be a loving, joyful companion when he gets used to his new environment. It may take a little patience and time for him to adjust, and the reward will be worth it to all of you!

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