Deborah, aka GLS Decked Out, is a 2 year old red fawn female born on June 27, 2018. Her sire is Flying Wolf Pack and her dam is GLS Rosey Red. She has no races to her credit. Deborah is being medically evaluated. Deborah is small dog and cat tolerant.

Deborah is a docile girl who has become increasingly interested in retirement activities such as playing with toys, taking treats from her foster parents, going for walks, and enjoys LOTS of pats and scritches. You can tell she is enjoying the attention by how much she leans into you. She is a sweet gal who until recently, has not spoken a word. She is very smart and is eager to learn and go exploring.

Deborah crates well thought she prefers to be left out. If crated, she will need to be taken on walks to stretch her legs and have an adventure to expel some energy. She was very quick to use the doggie door and will pace to say she needs to go out. Her favorite spot in the house is by the front door either on her bed or on the cool tile when it’s hot.

Deborah likes to graze at the food bowl during the day and is not a chowhound. She has a funny habit of leaving crumbs everywhere and doesn’t clean up after herself, so be prepared to do some sweeping.

Deborah has a new friendship with Theo the cat. She will go look for him but just wants to sniff and perhaps start to play. She also does well with small dogs. Due to COVID, her foster parents have not exposed her to children as there have been no trips to the pet store or Home Depot, so we are not certain how she will do with them.

Deborah's Foster Parents

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