Debi, fka Dabo Dorite, is a 2 year old black female born on August 24, 2019. Her sire is Time Flies and her dam is Fly Lisa Leslie. She has no races on record in Greyhound data and came to GALT with her sister, Chelsea. Debi is small dog tolerant and will be tested for cat tolerance soon

Debi is a petite young girl, who, despite her age, is calm, quiet, and self-contained. She has dark brown eyes the color of French roast coffee. She wants to be a gorgeous black swan, but she's still trying to get rid of her puppy coat that she brought with her to GALT. For now, that rusty brown color you see in her photos is becoming more black and less brown. Her nickname is Little Debi Snack Cakes, perhaps because of the chocolaty look of that puppy coat. She's got one ear that points forward all the time. Adorable!

Debi is a very quiet hound. She barks a little when she plays with the other dogs however she does not bark at the doorbell or at visitors. In fact, she is so laid back that she might not get up at all. She enjoys a couple of favorite squeaky toys, playing with them by herself in the yard. She also enjoys a gentle, slow-speed with tug of war with my 10 lb. chihuahua mix. Her favorite toy is the IQ ball that dispenses kibble as it rolls around. She occasionally chases squirrels, though really, she'd rather be sleeping. She's been a great home office co-worker since she arrived.

Debi has a different personality. She's a little socially awkward. When offering a kiss, it consists of her sort of smearing her nose against your nose. She is not food motivated, which made it a challenge to train her to use the doggy door. She did learn how to use it, and until she did, she was good about asking to go out. She does enjoy mealtime and eats well.

Debi would be perfect in a quiet, low activity home where she can just be her special quirky little self.

Debi's Foster Mom

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