Deacon is a 3 year old black male born July 2014. His tattoos are too faint to read other than 74__. Deacon was found as a stray in Tulia, and it is apparent from his sun-bleached coat that he has been kept outside. Deacon is thin and is being treated for intestinal parasites, but is heartworm negative. This is a sweet, sweet boy. Very thankful he found his way to his GALT family. Deacon is small animal and cat tolerant.

Deacon has been a quiet, sweet companion to our greyhound, he was a bit shy at first but quickly settled in. He is affectionate and greets us at the door, but is also reserved enough to respect people’s space. He’s quiet as well, barking on very rare occasions. Deacon will pace by the door, whining, when a family member is coming home. He also has been amazingly calm during thunderstorms. We recommend the belly band when leaving the house for more than couple of hours. He had a few pee accidents the first couple of months but has really turned a corner. Deacon has become a couch-hound during his stay at our home. If you prefer to keep pets off of your couch, Deacon will probably need instruction but is easygoing enough to learn quickly. He loves the big round dog-bed that belongs to his housemate and he usually will try to rest in it if it’s available. Deacon has been the most cat-tolerant of the greyhounds we have tested and fostered. He’s shared a home for three months with a wild and fearless kitten and we’ve never seen any signs of aggression nor playfulness toward her. He’s also been very easygoing and careful around our young kids. Deacon will be a great addition to an active family.

Deacon's Foster Family

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