Dayla is an approximately 4 year old white and black female. Dayla was found as a stray in Amarillo by a good Samaritan who then contacted GALT. Dayla had a fairly recent, yet healed, injury to her left wrist and had surgery performed by Dr. Robert Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center on February 16, 2018, where a bone plate and screws were implanted. She was in a cast for approximately 8 weeks. Her leg is completely healed as of June 1; however, the bone plate may have to be removed in the future. Dayla is cleared to return to normal activity. There will always most likely be a slight drop to her left wrist. Dayla has completed all her medical procedures and is ready to find her forever home. Dayla should not live with cats at this time and requires further evaluation with small dogs.

Dayla, aka The Divine Miss D, has that certain joie de vivre that will keep you smiling whenever she is around. She is the most high-spirited, cheerful foster we have ever had! You would never guess that she had a rough start in life as a stray where we believe she sustained a broken leg. She is healing from the surgery to correct the poorly healed fracture so she can be ready to love her forever family!

She loves to play with toys and would be a lively addition to any household. She enthusiastically approaches each day, looking for the fun to be had. She is also very good about letting you know when she needs something. For example, if she needs to go outside she will get in front of you and bark at you until you let her go take care of her business in the proper place.

Dayla graduated from Only Dog Boot Camp so we think she can be an only dog. She does like to be with her person/people when you are home. She will cuddle with you on the couch for hours, especially if you are good at giving belly rubs. She is also happy playing with her toys, throwing them around or carrying them all over the house.

The perfect home for Dayla would not have stairs. Hard surfaces are a bit difficult for her due to the injury to her left leg, so access to a grassy yard would be ideal. And no kitties for the Divine Miss D - her streetwise side comes out when she sees a cat! They look just a little too tasty to her.

Dayla will be a joy to have in your life. Her exuberance can lift your spirits when you are having a bad day and her outlook on life reminds us that there's a lot of fun to be experienced in this world! She would love to give you the opportunity to rub her speckle-y belly forever!

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