Dave, fka Barstool Dave, is a 2 year old red male born on June 14, 2018. His sire is Kinda Cruel Red and his dam is SG’s Phil Niekro. Dave decided early on that racing wasn’t for him. He is undergoing medical evaluation at present. Dave should not live with cats nor small animals.

Dave is a little guy with a big personality! He loves balls, especially if they have a squeaker (that still works). He will play fetch with you all day long. Dave even tries to steal the wool dryer balls when I am unloading the clean laundry because he thinks they are for him. It is super cute when he thinks he is being so stealth, sneaking up behind or beside me at the dryer.

In the mornings, he will rest his head on the edge of the bed and look at us sweetly if we don't get up when the alarm first goes off. He loves to get head scritches while waiting for us to get out of bed. He is very food-motivated and does the cutest dance as he follows me to his food bowl stand.

Dave has a high prey drive and is a lot stronger than he looks for his size. He is on the smaller side for a male at around 60 lbs and he has the softest down-like fur. He is a whole lot of fun wrapped up in a little package, and he can be rambunctious which might be a bit much for younger kids to handle. We think he would be a good greyhound to try the sport of flyball, as he loves catching balls mid-air and he loves running! Super Dave zooms up and down our carpeted stairs. It is a game to him. He might be good at agility or lure coursing too. This special boy will need something fun to do with his forever mom or dad.

Dave quickly learned house manners from his foster sisters and has been a gentleman in the house ever since. He is good about being handled, for example for nail trims and baths. He sometimes barks at his housemates in an effort to get them to play. He will vocalize his displeasure when his people leave, so an ideal home (not an apartment) would be one where he isn't left alone very often or for very long stretches of time. He rides well in the car and would love to go places with his forever family. Due to his high prey drive, Dave should not live with cats or small dogs.

Bonus feature on this model: Dave seems to enjoy dressing up. He'll obediently wear hats or shirts or costumes. And his fur color goes with just about any color outfit!

Dave's Foster Parents

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