Darcy is a small, fuzzy brindle female who was turned into animal control in Tulia, south of Amarillo. The vet has estimated her age as about 4 years old. She is very thin, has difficulty walking, and is being medically evaluated.

Darcy has passed an initial cat test and is in a foster home with cats.

Darcy's DNA test indicates she is a greyhound and airedale terrier mix.

UPDATE 9/12/14

Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital and Dr. Bob Radasch of Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center have both evaluated Darcy with radiographs, extensive bloodwork tests, and a joint fluid tap. Darcy has swelling to multiple joints – her elbows, hips, ankles and knees. Tests indicated possible inflammation/arthritis compatible with an immune mediated disease. Because Darcy came in as a stray, there is no history on her. The cause of this could be untreated infection when she was very young, but we will never know. Darcy is being treated with a reducing dosage of steroids at this time to see if any improvement can be seen. She is being monitored very closely in her foster home.

UPDATE 11/19/14

All tests results indicate IMPA – immune-mediated polyarthritis. Darcy is being treated with prednisone along with leflunomide on a daily basis. Definite improvement is being seen now as far as her mobility. At this time the cost of a month's supply of medication is under $74.00.

UPDATE 1/2/15

Darcy is doing well on her medications, but will need to stay on them as her condition is life-long.

UPDATE 3/3/15

Darcy is having some side effects from her medication. Dr. Nitsche and Dr. Ellis are in consultation on adjusting the medication at this time.

Isn't she cute! Look at that face! What kind of dog is that? You can’t take Darcy out without people stopping to pet her and ask questions. She is such a cute little girl. Darcy has come a long way from her first week with GALT. She was so thin and would hardly walk. Now she keeps up with her foster siblings at meal time and on walks. We keep Darcy's walks short, but she keeps up with her long legged brother and sisters. Darcy gets along with everyone! She shares her bed with our cat. He thinks she is just fine too. Darcy is much smaller than our greyhounds and will occasionally walk under them. She is not food aggressive but will snap a treat from your hand. We have learned to offer it open-handed. She uses a dog door with ease and has not had any accidents in the house since her medication has been regulated. Darcy does have a chronic condition but with simple medication schedule, she does well. The medication causes increased thirst and hunger, we give her all the water she wants and monitor her at mealtime because she will "help" the others finish their meal. Because of her water intake, she often needs to potty during the night. She is a sweet, loving girl.

Darcy's Foster Family

The special medical treatment cost needed by Darcy is why the Miss Mesa Fund was established. If you would like to help with Darcy's care, please take a moment to make a donation to the fund. You can use a credit card, check or PayPal by making the donation through the GALT GreytStore. You can also write a check (Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, 3400 Carlisle St, #310, Dallas, TX 75204) and note Miss Mesa Fund/Darcy on your check.

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