Darcy Darcy

Darcy is a 3-year-old black female born November 2, 2004. Her sire is Courageous Nicky, making her grandsire the famous Molotov, and her dam is Bright Jade. Darcy is the "H" pup in the litter and was not individually registered with the NGA. Her coat shines just like a brand new penny! Darcy is small animal tolerant.

Darcy is a beautiful, happy girl looking for someobody to love. She loves to talk, and won't hesitate to tell you it's time to play, eat, get tummy scratches and give kisses. If only she could talk, I'm sure she'd have a lot to say!

Darcy's misguided maternal instincts cause her to take stuffies out through the dog door and abandon them in a pile in the yard. She occassionally enjoys putting stuffies on my bed, which is a much kinder choice.

Darcy is so small animal safe that she entertained a hyperactive terrier mix for an entire day without slowing down. In fact, her little boyfriend slept for 24 hours the next day to recover! Darcy is small child friendly, and has been very sweet and gentle with the children she has met. She does have a tendency to be "mouthy", meaning when excited she will nibble on your hand to get your attention. She is learning what "NO" means, but does enjoy the occasional treat of magazines, and especially loves greeting cards.

She's still young enough to have some of the typical puppy tendencies, but learns quickly what is allowed and what is not. She has had no accidents in the house and figured out the dog door very quickly.

Darcy enjoy her naps, but in true greyhound fashion is always ready for fun. Darcy makes everyone happy just to see her love of life. That tail never stops wagging!

Come meet her and see how sweet she is. She deserves a forever home; will yours be the lucky home?

Darcy's Foster Mom
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