Danielle Danielle

Danielle, aka D's Eclipse, is a 3-year-old beautiful black female, born September 6, 2000. She is sister to Allie, Betsy, Chloe, and Jenny, and they all certainly make up a family of gorgeous black girls! Danielle gets along well with other dogs, and she is outgoing, friendly and very personable. Danielle is small dog tolerant but not cat tolerant.

Danielle is really a sweetie. She has yellow eyes and with her black coat, she almost looks like she's staring through you. She climbs stairs with no problem. She's OK with small dogs, but not cats. She's crate trained. She is out always when I'm home. On short sojourns out I leave her out with the other dogs and she does fine. She will make someone a really Greyt pet.

Danielle's Foster Parents
3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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