Dan, aka RW's Dan Boom, is an almost 10-year-old black male born May 1, 2002. His sire is San Tan Savage, and his Dam is Sports Glory. Dan has 24 races in Florida to his credit on, starting on February 9, 2004, and ending on October 20, 2004. He's an easygoing boy who just wants to be loved. Dan just may be your man!

Dan is not cat tolerant and has not yet been tested with other small animals.

Update 4/2/12

Dan was taken to VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital because he was not putting any weight on one of his front legs. He has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his shoulder. Dan will be made as comfortable as possible in his foster home. Please consider a donation in honor of this sweet boy who is destined to leave us too soon.

Dan is an absolutely fantastic 9-year-old gentleman! He has the softest fur, and loves to be touched, scratched and loved on. He is very low-key, so if you want a TV-watching, nap-taking, lazy day dog, this is your man.

He does have a couple of quirks: he will not take a treat out of mine or anyone's hand. Not sure what he went thru in the past to make him feel this way, but we've worked out an alternate plan: when I say "go to your bed, Dan" he heads right over to the nearest dog bed, where I place his treat down and he eats it right up.

The other quirk of his is vanity. He LOVES to stare at himself in the full length mirror! Once he discovered "The Puppy In The Mirror" he was hooked. I sometimes find him in my bedroom waiting for me to open the closet door so he can see what that fine looking man is up to!

Dan is very low maintenance. He has no desire to get on the furniture, he much prefers the floor or a dog bed. He will come to you for attention, but is not a velcro-dog. When he first came to my home he was skinny and afraid of the car and thunderstorms. Now he has put on a few much needed pounds, will jump up into the car without help, and slept thru the last big storm!

He loves his dog door, has no interest in stuffie toys, but does show a lot of interest in cats and small dogs.

If you want an easy to love first greyhound, or want to add a mellow addition to your gang, Dan would love to be all yours.

Dan's Foster Mom