Dan Dan

Dan, aka Zam Granny Dan, is a striking 2-year-old brilliant black male, born October 29, 2003. His sire is Flying Penske and his dam is WZ Cupcake. Dan's racing career tops 20 races, starting at Shoreline in Bridgeport, CT July 16, 2005 and ending November 27, 2005. Dan came from Valley Race Park in Harlingen within 3 weeks of the 2005-06 season opening. Dan has completed all of his medical procedures and is in a foster home. He is a little shy, so being in a home will help him. Dan is small animal and cat tolerant.

Dan, who is a careful boy, continues to make great progress! He is still very shy and prefers his crate to anywhere else - except maybe to being outside at play with our other greyhound, Dapper.

As you can see by the photos, once outside he turns into quite the clown, loves to run very fast, "roo" at us playfully and excitedly lick and sniff our hands. He's not yet ready for petting or hugs but you can tell how bad he wants it, he just doesn't know how to go about getting or even giving that affection. He will need some more time and patience until he comes around, but it is heartwarming and encouraging to see how happy he is once outside as his guard comes off a bit.


He definitely needs to be in a home with another dog, as he is very fond of following another's guidance. Another dog will also help Dan come out of his shell. He has shown no interest whatsoever in the cats or even squirrels outside, preferring instead to chase after and run laps around Dapper.

We still crate or muzzle him when we're not at home. Every day is progress with Dan, as he is starting to want to be in the same room with everyone else, but still runs back to a secure spot, whether his kennel or an out-of-the-way bed when noticed. He sleeps in our room on his own bed, not in a crate - but waits until the rest of us are settled to come in and join us.

He is such a beautiful boy, with a fantastic shiny black coat, and soulful deep brown eyes - Dan (or Danny as we affectionately call him) is sure to win someone's heart. He needs a patient and encouraging forever home that will let him come into his own personality on his own time, so he can learn to love and be loved back! Danny wants nothing else, it is written all over him, he just doesn't quite know how yet.

Dan's Foster Family
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