Dakota, aka TNJ Dakota, is a 3-year-old brindle male born July 1, 2009. His sire is Gable Oscar and his dam is Gable Aurora. Dakota has 59 races to his credit on He started racing at Wheeling Downs on February 2, 2011 and then moved to Gulf Greyhound Park until May 4, 2012. His career ended with a central tarsal bone fracture of the right hock, which was surgically repaired by Dr. Robert Barstad of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center on May 15. A 2.0 mm screw was implanted through the central tarsal bone to the fourth tarsal bone to stabilize the fracture. Dakota was in a splint for eleven weeks, with weekly bandage changes. Dr. Barstad checked his leg via x-ray and it is healed. The screws may need to be removed if irritation occurs sometime in the future. This happy boy is ready to find his forever family!

Dakota passed his initial cat test, however, after spending more time with them, he'd prefer to chase them. There are no cats in Dakota's future, but he is fine with very small dogs.