Daily Daily

Daily, aka Rk's Dailydouble, is a 2-year-old white and brindle male born April 16, 2006. His sire is Cayman Went and his dam is Rk's Wannabelove. Daily participated in 17 races, all at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, Texas, beginning November 23, 2007 and ending February 22, 2008. He gave his racing career a valiant effort, but is more focused on life in retirement.

Results of Daily's cat test: Daily is not to be trusted with cats. He went into a frozen state with his ears up and with Molly bopping him and hissing at him. I could not pull him away and Molly was very upset. Then when we went into a different room, he wanted to go back and search her out. Daily is not cat tolerant. Maybe he will be better with small dogs.

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