Dabbler Dabbler

Dabbler, aka Dabbler, is a handsome white and black ticked 2-year-old male, born May 26, 2005. His sire is Flying Penske and his dam is Moons Get Movin. His racing career was all at Valley Race Park – all 18 races during the 2006-2007 season. Dabbler is ready to find his forever home, couch, and remote control! However, it will have to be a home without cats – Dabbler is not cat tolerant, as you can see below:

Dabbler did not pass his cat test. We tried twice one with the feisty cat and once with the mild-mannered cat. Both times he was full speed ahead, even while getting his mouth bopped over and over again with much hissing and growling going on (by the cat). So as sweet as this somewhat reserved boy is, he will not be able to share a home with kitties.

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