Crowley is a striking 2-year-old white and fawn male, born August 2002. His litter registration number has been double tattooed so his history will remain a mystery. Crowley was found as a stray running down Bovell Street in Crowley (hence his name) by an animal-loving lady named Beverly. He was in pretty rough shape – ears crusted from fly bites, sores on his back and scrapes on his legs. He was wearing only a flea collar. Crowley has a sweet loving temperament, and has already learned "Sit"! He is anxious to please his human friends, and is playful with a lot of spirit. Crowley appears to be cat trainable.

The first couple of weeks that we had Crowley in our home were an adventure to say the least. Crowley had very few good manners and was a constant source of mischief. Happily, we can now report that he has improved greatly. Counter surfing and jumping up to greet were his two worst habits. We've been working with him to correct this behavior and he's making good progress. At this time we feel as if Crowley is 100% house broken. We've had no significant accidents in the house. Crowley is good at letting us know when he needs to go outside.

Crowley lives to eat and the sound of kibble hitting the bowl gets him very excited. He loves his food and treats…no problems getting him to eat anything. Crowley is very smart and we believe he would respond well to obedience training. He already knows the basic sit and down commands. Crowley's favorite thing in life is eating and toys are a close second. He loves stuffy toys and balls. Crowley has not done anything destructive in the house. Having lots of toys for him to play with helps keep his mind off of playing with things he shouldn't.

Crowley has just recently turned two years old and is a very active young greyhound. He will thrive in a family that is willing to give him the attention and activity that he craves at his young age. At first we were a bit worried about having such a young boy in our home. Just turning two in August makes Crowley the youngest foster we've had. After a couple of weeks getting to know him and understanding what makes Crowley tick, we are all getting along nicely.

Crowley gets along well with our crew of three greys and our lab. If you're looking for a greyhound that has a big heart and lots of spirit and love to give, come and meet Crowley. You won't be disappointed.

Crowley's Foster Parents
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