Crow Crow

Crow, aka WW's Cock Crow, is a stunning 2½-year-old black male born May 29, 2008. His sire is Trent Lee, and his dam is WW Before Dawn. Crow had a short racing career of 28 races ending on 6/24. His bloodwork upon arrival revealed low platelets. He received the appropriate medication and treatment and is now ready to find him forever home! Crow is a large boy, weighing in at 79 pounds, with an expansive white tuxedo giving him quite distinctive markings.

It is not known at this time if Crow is small animal tolerant, but he is NOT destined to live with cats.

Crow is a big, beautiful boy with gorgeous white markings! He's a very gentle, biddable boy even when he's being a happy, excited 2 year old. If you want a brisk, no-nonsense walker, then Crow is your dog - he'll do a bit of sniffing if you pause, but likes trotting along with you. He would probably make a good jogging companion for short distances.

He is a bit tentative in new surroundings, but is getting more confident each day. He has mastered the mysteries of home living, and now he just needs to learn a signal for when he needs to go outside to do his business. Crow crates well when we're gone, and is very excited to see us when we get home.

Crow's first love is lounging around on a soft dog bed. His second love is a close tie between going on walks and any kind of food or treats. He's a mellow boy who gets along with the other greyhounds in the house. I haven't seen him around very small dogs yet, but he definitely thinks it would be fun to chase cats.

He's just started to play with toys, and it's a joy to watch him! He likes to collect them in his bed or crate too. He's really starting to show his lovable personality.

Crow's Foster Parents
3400 Carlisle St #430, Dallas, TX 75204-1265
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