Crockett is a spotted brindle greyhound mix who came to GALT via a cruelty seizure of 24 dogs by the Tulsa Humane Society. He is estimated to be about 4 years old. Surprisingly enough, his DNA analysis shows that he is a greyhound mix and maltese mix - isn't that something to think about!

Crockett is not considered cat tolerant at this time.

Crockett is smaller than his picture looks: 24 inches at the shoulder, 24 inches long, and 30 inches around the chest, about the size of a Dalmatian or a small boxer. His coat is smooth and shiny, his ears are very mobile like greyhounds, and he has bright amber greyhound eyes that look at the world with a steady gaze. I know that he was from a cruelty seizure in Oklahoma, but he has none of the behaviors of an abused dog. He is a strong, handsome dog who is calm, confident, and self-assured—a sweetie.

He has great house manners, which was a total surprise given his history. No counter surfing, begging, jumping on people, or accidents in house. He fit smoothly into the house routine. We have never crated him. He stays loose (bedroom doors closed) if we’re gone and sleeps by our bed at night, although he would dearly love to sleep on human beds.

He does try to slip out open doors, but he let himself be caught the one time this happened. We’re working on teaching him about this. He’s great with our beagle and parakeet and does fine with other dogs, children, and strangers.

What else can I tell you about this very sweet and lovable dog? He looks you in the eye like most dogs don’t. He begs by standing beside you and staring at you with those eyes. He waits to go to bed until we go, even though we are night owls and he’d like to be asleep much earlier. He is quiet in the house. He is learning to play with toys. He loves to be loved and sticks around the humans of the house without being a Velcro dog. He has had no problem with strangers coming into the house. He is smart and sweet and will make someone or a family with kids a great, great dog.

Crockett's Foster Family

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