Cox is an approximately 2.5 year old black male greyhound mix with a white chest and white-tipped paws. He was trapped in Joshua, TX after being spotted roaming around for several days. His left rear foot is flattened due to an old soft-tissue injury - possibly being stepped on or having something rolled over it. It does not appear to be painful and he has some use of that leg. Cox is cat tolerant.

Cox is a sweet, lover boy who has been slowly blossoming as he learns to relax and trust. He has discovered toys and especially likes the squeakies. It's easy to tell he's two when he has a brisk round of toy-zoomies in the afternoon! He's starting to understand the joy of dog beds, but is still quick to just plop down on the floor to be closer to you. Cox is a little nervous around new people and warms up fairly quickly. He starts at loud noises and quick movements. He likes to announce the mailman each day with his big boy bark.

Cox adores mealtimes and treats, eats quickly, and waits quietly in his crate for everyone else to finish. He does not crate as quietly when we leave the house - he's pretty vocal about being left behind. He likes to go on walks and sniff all the neighborhood smells. We keep them short walks because of his back foot. He does use that leg, but if we're going faster than a stroll he hops. He doesn't let that foot slow him down at all!

Cox likes to follow us around the house so that we're never out of view. His specialty is laying down right in a doorway so he won't miss it when you move to another room. He gets along fine with the other dogs in the house. He is just an adorable love-bug!

Cox's Foster Parents