Connie Connie

Connie, aka Contemporary, is a beautiful, 4-year-old red female born January 1, 2005. Her sire is Dodgem by Design, making her grand-sire the late famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is Sylvania. Connie has 46 races to her credit starting on November 24, 2006, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX, moving to Wheeling Downs, WV, to race for almost one year, then returning and finishing at Valley Race Park on February 4, 2009. It is time for this gorgeous girl to find her forever couch!

Connie is a beautiful, mellow girl except when she meets a cat. No kitties for Connie! During her visit, she got to run around the back yard with the three resident greyhounds. She didn’t seem to mind their exuberant greeting and got along great with them. We will test her with small dogs at a later date.


I am honored to introduce you to our foster girl, Connie. I first met Connie while she was staying at Paw Beach Resort waiting patiently for a forever family. It was not in my plan to be a full-time foster parent at that time, but Connie won my heart with her soulful eyes and persistent, “pay attention to me!” personality. We are so happy that she will grace our home until that perfect forever family comes along to share her love and devotion.

Connie is a greyt companion and she will do her best to please her new best friend(s). Although she likes my other dogs, she prefers to spend time with the humans. She lies at my feet or follows me around like a shadow. Connie is very smart and has excelled at transitioning from the kennel into a home environment. She does not whine or complain now that she has a place to call her own, even if it is temporary. She is house trained and has not had any accidents in my home. I do not have a doggie door, but I’m sure she could be easily trained to use one. Connie has mastered the stairs and has normal reactions to household noises. Connie is wary but not afraid during loud thunderstorms. She may look to you for assurance, but she remains calm. Connie is not a counter surfer. She is not destructive with dog toys. She does love a fluffy bed, so you may have to remind her that even if she digs at it, your carpet won’t fluff!

Connie accepts her crate without complaint when we leave the house. She is not aggressive with my other dogs, but stands up for herself when warranted. Connie meets other greyhounds confidently with a neutral position – tail relaxed, with good body posturing. Connie has used appropriate communication skills with my greyhounds. Connie does “talk” when she plays and sometimes this quirk can be misunderstood by the other dogs. Any playtime with other dogs should be supervised closely.

The short time we have had Connie with us has been a joy! She has the cutest face and is quite the cuddle bunny. Are you her new BFF? Don’t miss out on this girl – she’s a winner!

Connie's Foster Mom
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