Commander Commander

Commander is a 7½-year-old. white and brindle male born November 15, 2006. As the “C” pup in the litter, Commander was not individually registered. His sire is Crystal Commando, making his grand sire the late famous Molotov, and his dam is P’s Charro Debbie. Commander was picked up by the Amarillo Animal Control with numerous wounds on his body. AAC thought he had been hit by a car; however, when he was evaluated by GALT’s vet in Amarillo, Dr. Wick Culp at Animal Medical Center, his wounds were determined to be from an attack by another animal. It took a while for his wounds to heal. When he arrived, he was positive to Ehrlichia and Babesia, and he has now been successfully treated. Commander is cat tolerant. He was in a home for five years, but has returned to GALT due to a change in family circumstances.


When Commander was placed in GALT's care he was a very frightened, war-torn hound. He had some severe injuries due to an unknown animal's attack, and he was a very skinny, shy, scared greyhound who would not make eye contact. With a lot of TLC and patience -- plus a little help from his new greyhound packmates -- Commander's confidence and trust in people have grown significantly. Commander is still a little cautious around new people in our home but will warm up with time and patience. I have been pleasantly surprised at Meet and Greets by Commander accepting attention from little children as well as adults.

Commander's coat is now a beautiful sleek white with dark brindle patches. He still has numerous battle scars, which are tributes to his character as a real survivor. Commander is such a gorgeous boy; his soulful eyes and greyt personality will capture your heart! I still can't believe he's the same skinny grey who limped into our lives a few months ago!

This sweet, easy-going boy lives happily with five other greyhounds, one German Shepherd, a staghound and four Maine Coon cats. Commander plays well with all the hounds and ignores the cats most of the time. He occasionally does come running when we call "kitty, kitty" -- so it may appear that he is chasing the cats -- but he is only seeing where they are going and what they might be getting. He wants to make sure he's in line if someone is passing out treats!

Commander sleeps all night and has had no accidents in our home. He got the hang of the doggie door right away. This beautiful boy wakes up in the mornings with a "play bow" and a little rooing, as if to say, "Look out world -- here I come!" He loves to talk first thing in the morning. If you don't wake up to the sound of his tail pounding on the wall, he will bark once. That's all it takes for him to motivate ME so I can also face the morning (and let him out!)

Commander eats a hearty breakfast and dinner, but he really loves his treats. He walks well on a leash and is always happiest when he is headed back home. Commander broke one of his toes in late August, but he is now out of his splint and does not limp or complain about it.

Won't you think about opening your home and heart to this very special boy?

Commander's Foster Mom
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