Colonel, fka KB’s Sanders, is a 3.5 year old dark red male born on July 1, 2017. His sire is Atascocita Gray and his dam is Boc’s Katie Girl. He had 64 races, all in Florida. Colonel should not live with cats.

If you are a patient person looking for a sweet boy, you’ve found the right greyhound! Just lOOK AT THOSE EARS! As you can tell from his pictures, Colonel truly has some excellent ears. We always know just what he may be thinking by what his ears are up to—from spotting a squirrel or bunny across the yard (food?!) to hearing an unfamiliar noise or squeak from a toy. When he isn’t expressing his thoughts through his ears, he is sure to let you know through his vocal cords! He has a wide range of singing talents that he can rely on for all occasions.

Colonel has excellent house manners. However, he can be prone to sleep startle if you go near him when he is snoozing. He needs a family who is understanding and patient with this little quirk. He likely needs to be with another large dog, as he can exhibit some separation anxiety when left alone. Colonel would love to have some older kids to play with, smaller children may accidentally trigger his sleep startle.

When he isn’t snoozing and #bedfailing, Colonel loves playing with ALL of the toys in the house. Stuffies, squeakers, bones, and ropes—he loves them all! His most active play time is right after meals, when he brings all of the toys to his bed and plays with each one. Colonel also enjoys his daily walkies. We take him out after the sun goes down so as to not aggravate his skin condition (see below), usually for about one mile. While he generally has superior leash manners, he will rush towards a bunny or squirrel that comes across his path, so be prepared! Because of his high prey drive, Colonel should not live with cats.

Colonel came back to the Dallas area after being in a foster home in New Mexico for a short time. While there, Colonel presented a skin issue that can become aggravated by exposure to high UV rays and low humidity, which are more pronounced in the higher elevations of New Mexico. His skin and nose have improved significantly since coming to Dallas, and we believe he would be even more successful in a lower elevation climate, such as along the gulf coast. Unless he has a particular breakout or lesion, his condition doesn’t require any ongoing medication at this time beyond a simple moisturizer we put on his snoot each day.

Colonel is ready for a family of his own to provide lots of love, scritches, and toys!

Colonel's Foster Parents

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