Colby, fka Deco Colby, is a 2 year old red male born on approximately December 1, 2018. His sire is Need My Moneynow and his dam is Fly Lisa Leslie. Colby wasn’t made for racing so now he’s ready for his home. He appears to be small dog and cat tolerant.

Gentle in nature and handsome as can be, Colby would make anyone a wonderful companion. He learns quickly and has pretty much earned his next big step. A forever home❤️

Colby loves to lean into hugs and affection. He is not allowed up on the bed though if he were he’d be the perfect hugger. Colby does well in a crate. Iif left unattended, he will get into things like laundry and bags of anything to investigate!! Overall his house manners continue to improve.

He does Rooooo when sirens go off and he gets our pack going. For that reason, he may not be well suited to apartment life.

While Colby ignores our cats and has become friends with our little spitfire chihuahua Kiera, it would be best if the kitties in his forever home already lived with big dogs. Colby comes when you call his name and is eager to see what’s happening. He will make a greyt companion for a pack with dogs and cats.

Colby's Foster Family