Coco is an estimated 5 year old white male. He was abandoned, abused and found in very sad shape when a guardian angel in South America stepped in to care for him; she gave him much needed medical attention for a badly injured tail (now docked), severe malnutrition and dehydration. Sadly she passed away and a friend of GALT brought Coco to Dallas. This handsome fella is quite playful and should be in a home with only female dogs. He has yet to be evaluated with cats or small animals.

The first thing that you should know about Coco is that he is a sweet, sweet boy. He is very adaptable, taking to home life easily.

The personality: boy is there a lot of it! He loves playing with toys, but prefers to play either on his own or with people. He would prefer to be interacting with people or at least near them at all times. He is very much a Velcro Puppy and would much rather be with you or otherwise in your personal space including napping on your feet if you stand still for even a moment.

After a single verbal “no”, we have not had even a single accident. He has quickly learned from our girls that you can “ask” when to go outside and has done so without fail; granted, he has now discovered that he can stand by the door when he also just wants to run around or to sit in the backyard and watch the squirrels. His crooked right front foot doesn’t stop him from running, playing, and stamping his feet when he is excited. He has a prey drive as might be expected, which translates to a leash-pulling interest in neighborhood rabbits on walks, but otherwise he is showing great potential for being wonderful on the leash.

He has charmed every stranger he has met, been a quick learner about adapting to home life, and he will be a great and loving addition to any home.

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