Coco Coco

CoCo is a 4½-year-old petite black female, born September 13, 2003. Her sire is D's Tootsie Pop, with Wigwam Wag as her great-grand sire, and her dam is RW's Terra. CoCo is the "G" pup and was not individually registered with the NGA. She was found as a stray near Ardmore, Oklahoma. She was in very bad shape when found, and her recovery has been quite remarkable. CoCo was adopted, but due to family circumstances, it was not to be her forever home. CoCo is a playful, playful happy girl with a lot to offer her forever family. Coco is cat and small dog trainable.

CoCo is a stunningly shiny petite black girl that has made an amazing transformation since her arrival to GALT. She has blossomed both inside and out. In the beginning, each day I saw a small piece of a transition taking place that would soon be the CoCo I know today. She is a spry, playful, lazy, beautiful, toy-destroying couch potato. When she first arrived, she would not eat, now she tells me when it is time to eat. When she first arrived, she was lethargic and tired, now she chases squirrels with a vengeance and plays with her housemates.

CoCo is very much the typical greyhound – she has her playful bursts of energy and then naps hard. Some of CoCo's favorite things are sleeping, eating and playing with toys. CoCo absolutely LOVES toys, in fact she has one with her pretty much at all times. She definitely always has one when she goes outside to take care of "business." She always takes one to bed with her at night and can many times be caught playing tug–o–war with a housemate. Did I mention that she was a toy destroyer?


CoCo also enjoys being petted and cuddled. You can lay down on the floor with her and she just soaks up the attention. At bedtime she enjoys tummy rubs, kisses on the head, and ear massages. CoCo has very expressive eyes which I wish I could see deep into to see what she has seen in her three short years. I'll bet she has a story to tell.

CoCo crates very well and has been crated during the day while I am at work. She willingly goes in her crate, knowing that a treat is forthcoming. She sleeps very well during the night on a dog bed in the master bedroom. She sleeps so well that sometimes I have to tell her it's time to get up and go outside!

CoCo is a very happy girl. She has many people come and go that are visiting and is excited to see all, and then she either retires to a dog bed or goes and squeaks a toy for a while. She is not shy and greets everyone that arrives with lots of tail wags. She has been a complete joy to have in my house – she makes me laugh! 

She has also been my little shadow. As long as she knows where her humans are, she is content and will follow you throughout the house, or be perfectly content to lay by your side or at your feet.  She is living with other greyhounds and a cat, and gets along well with all of them. Come meet CoCo and let her tell you her story!

Coco's Foster Mom
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