Cliff is a striking 3½-year-old white/fawn brindle male. Cliff, along with Jack came from the Oak Cliff Shelter. We are not able to read Cliff's registration number for his litter – only his age tattoo. Cliff is in a foster home and is doing very, very well!


I often get told that I'm a striking young man...the ladies seem to like me a lot, too. I'm a very easy-going guy and like to lounge on a cushy bed all day. I'd make a greyt companion if you enjoy an afternoon of watching football this fall or even if you like to take a walk in the park.

I had a bad experience in a crate one time, but I'm finding that they're not so bad after all, especially if I'm only in one for 4-5 hrs. I always eat in a crate with the door shut so I'm getting used to it again. But I'm a good boy loose in the house, too - my foster mom and dad have trusted me for 8 hours.

I just can't understand why I'm not in my forever home yet! I would truly be your friend for life and brighten everyone's day who is around me. I get so excited when my foster mom and dad come home and wag my nubbin to let them know (I had to have my tail docked due to infection). I get along well with my foster siblings, too, and will snuggle up next to them on a dog bed on occasion.

Can I be your new son? I promise to love you for life!

Cliff, via his Foster Parents
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