Claude is a white & fawn male greyhound estimated to be about 3 years old. He was found as a stray in Claude, TX. He is a very shy, skittish boy, and is looking for people who will be patient and gentle with him as he blossoms.

Claude is not considered cat tolerant at this time and should also not live with very small dogs.

Claude is a strikingly handsome, soft coated, curly tailed, freckled boy. He gets along with all his pack mates and enjoys playing with them. He loves to play and chase a tennis ball but rarely returns it. Claude is still a very shy boy but with patience will earn your trust. He loves to be petted at his request. Claude is not cat tolerant nor small dog tolerant. Claude would do best in a home without children or with older children. He spooks easily and will bolt at any given opportunity indoors. But when walking off lead outdoors on our property he stays close by us and always keeps an eye on our location so he doesn't get left behind. Claude is vocal about meal times and gives instruction as to how quickly he would like to be served. He is very food motivated and enjoys treats. He has filled out nicely. He learns routines very quickly. He wants to please but is still so timid with humans. He does enjoy sneaking up from behind and goosing you. With patience he is sure to grow into his chosen family.

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