Clark is a 1.5 year old black male born on April 29, 2019. His sire is Time Flies and his dam is ST’s Lexus making him brother to GALT’s Lois. The litter was never registered and came straight off the farm to adoption. Clark is cat tolerant.

Clark is such a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and play with all dogs he meets. Clark acts very puppyish yet is very gentle. He loves to greet dogs and people, and doesn’t mind getting cozy with dogs or people. He likes to run and play in the yard with anydoggy who will play with him. Clark walks really well on a leash.

e lives with kitties in his foster home and although he’s curious about them when they do something new, he is easily corrected while he’s still learning. Caution should be taken when introducing Clark to new cats. He will need time to learn to respect their space. Rely on your foster family to guide new introductions and always start with the hound muzzled. Avoid cats outside while walking. Outdoor cats are treated completely differently than indoor cats that they have learned to respect.

Clark is a large boy and he likes to rub his body against you like a big cat. He gets his teeth brushed every night and has learned to like that because he gets a treat after. He has no issues with getting his ears cleaned though he does have some sensitivities about having his feet touched, so nail trimming may require veterinary assistance.

Clark has perfect house manners – no counter surfing, he doesn’t get on furniture and he sleeps through the night. Of course, when morning comes he’s very excited to see his people again! Toys are a must – squeaky, fuzzy, rope, balls…they’re all fun. Clark does not have any concerns sharing his toys or food with others in the pack.

Clark will need a home with another playful dog to be his companion. He mirrors his behavior from the dogs in his pack and needs the confidence of being with another dog.

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