Clara, aka, Makeda, is 3 year old black female born March 12,2016. Her sire is Flying Coal City, and her dam is KB’s Best Crunch. Clara has no races to her credit, as she decided very early on that the retirement life would fit her just fine. It has not been determined if Clara is cat or small dog tolerant at this time.

Meet Clara the cuddler. She is going to steal your heart and have you laughing at her personality.

Clara is a total lovebug who wants to keep close to her people. She is friendly, snuggly, and has lots of confidence. She quickly learned the stairs. She isn't graceful on them yet but can get up and down to make sure she stays by your side. She is easy to handle on the leash and is agreeable with getting her nails dremeled, teeth brushed, and even loves an ear cleaning.

Clara is a goofball. She loves toys. She carries them around the house, gathers them in her bed, tosses them in the air, and wiggles around on her back while juggling a few around her.

Clara loves her walks, romps in the backyard, and toy time. She does best when she is exercised and has a toy to play with. She sometimes gets a little mischievous by stealing dishtowels (and the occasional oven mitt) to get you to chase her. We don't encourage this and are seeing some improvements by giving her a toy while taking away the contraband item.

Clara is even silly when she sleeps. She has very creative roach techniques sometimes involving wall support or falling off her bed. She also has a tiny mohawk on top of her head. She enjoys when I spike it up or flatten it down. Or maybe she just loves being pet.

Clara's Foster Parents