City Girl is an 8-year-old red fawn female born in December 2000. She had a 65-race career in both Florida and West Virginia from 2002 to 2004. She then went on to help other dogs by being a blood donor. She is a beautiful, petite girl who would love to have soft things to lay on and a basket full of stuffies.

City Girl not interested in cats: City Girl did not show much interest in the cats at all. She sniffed Molly, Molly hissed, and City Girl just raised her head and walked away. She walked down the hall with Pepper, but barely bothered even giving her a sniff. City Girl should be cat trainable. Always remember when introducing new cats, precaution and a muzzle should be used. Hopefully City Girl will do as well with small dogs. Since this was the first time City Girl had been in a home with many other dogs in her space, she was a little protective of her bed when lying down. Hopefully when she gets into a foster home, lying on a bed with other dogs around will become the norm instead of an unusual event.

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