Cisco Cisco

Cisco, aka CL One Source, is a red, 3-year-old male, born February 29, 2004. You will have to celebrate his birthday early when it is not a Leap Year. He came to GALT from Valley Race Park on Easter Sunday 2007. His dam is Heart Break Girl and his sire is Dodgem By Design. Cisco has 27 races to his history, so it looks like this was not something he wanted a long career doing. Cisco is looking forward to relaxing on the couch (or dog bed).

It's official - Cisco cannot live in a home with cats. He seemed to have a lot of interest in the small dogs at the kennel, so it is possible that small dogs won't be in his forever home either.

I just can't say enough about this GREYT boy! His pictures just do not do him justice at all. He is a greyt big boy and is all muscle. Cisco has the most beautiful coat I have ever seen or felt on a Greyhound. It feels like a cloud... or what I would imagine a cloud would feel like. It really is that soft. He has one of the sweetest greyhound faces! When he looks up at you with those dark, pretty brown eyes, your heart just melts. I call him my big 'ol Teddy Bear. He is just so soft and cuddy.

Cisco is crate trained and house trained. He lets us know when he needs to go potty. The first day he was in our home, he kept hiking his leg and trying to mark. I kept the belly band on him so that none of the items in the house got ruined, but he hasn't marked since that first day. We do not even have to keep a belly band on him anymore. I think he is just a true BOY and thought "that's just what boys are supposed to do"...thank goodness he quickly got that out of his system. He has never had an accident in the house.


Cisco has to be one of the happiest and most entertaining boys I have ever been around. He really wants to do whatever he can to please you. We are still working on him being patient for his treats. He tends to want to just take it right out of your hand instead of waiting his turn. He is getting better, though.

Cisco LOVES to be around his humans and other dogs. He is very playful and is a big collector. He pulls all of the toys out of the toy box and takes them to his bed and lays on them. It is the funniest thing. He really loves ANY kind of toy you have in the house. He also loves to play with my other Greyhound and my Husky. They wrestle all over the house and bounce around outside in the back yard like they are antelope. It is quite a sight to see. We recently discovered that Cisco is a big fan of the water...he LOVES the kiddy pool. He not only lays in it but will roll over on his back and then back over to his tummy like an alligator. He just can't get enough of that pool. He is quite a ham and he knows it.

Like I said before, he absolutely loves his humans. I will sit down on the floor while we are watching TV and he tries to sit in my lap like he is a Yorkie. He just doesn't realize how big he is. He sure tries to make room no matter what. When he is not sitting in my lap, he gets as close to me as he possibly can and lays his head on my shoulder or on my leg and just looks at me as if to say, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! If I lay down on the floor, he will put his giant head up on my pillow and just nuzzle his nose into my neck. He will literally sleep there until I am ready to get up. This is why I call him my Teddy Bear. He will let you throw your arm around him and take a long afternoon nap or just watch TV. He just loves to be close to you. As long as someone is touching him, he thinks he is in doggy heaven! He loves his doggie beds. If you don't have a dog bed in the room you are in, he will make one with whatever clothes or blankets you have laying around within his reach. He does not tear up anything but just makes himself a nice cozy pallet to sleep on.

If Cisco can see a squirrel or a bunny outside, he will go to the window and start making this very strange noise. I call it singing. It sounds almost like some kind of bird. It is so funny to hear it coming from such a large boy like he is. I tell him he sounds like a little girl!

If I am in another room and he cannot find me, he will whimper and sing until I poke my head around the corner and let him know where I am. Once he sees me, that big tail just starts wagging from side to side and he runs up to me like I had been gone for hours.

Cisco rides very well in the car. He loves to look out of the windows to see what is going on but will lay down after a while. He can even jump into my Tahoe all by himself.

This boy also walks very well on a leash. We go for walks on the weekend around the neighborhood and he will walk right beside me. Thank goodness. Since he is so big, he would be hard to control if he weren't such a good boy!

Cisco truly is a GREYT boy. He has so much love to give. Anyone would be lucky to have this teddy bear to come home to every day!

Cisco's Foster Mom
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